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Real Life Success Stories

......"The Royal Bank of Scotland has supported BNI over the past 3 years and found it to be a lucrative source of new referral business for us" 
Jason Oakley - Royal Bank of Scotland

....."In 6 years, we have received ?1,600,000 of business as a result of BNI membership. The great thing about BNI is that your chapter members become your unpaid sales force"
Sobell Rhodes - Chartered Accountants

....."Between October 1999 and October 2003 we have received over EUR346,000 in fee income from BNI referrals"
Colin Whelan - Guardian Management Accounting

....."In my 2 years as a member of BNI, I've learnt new skills, taken my startup business from 6 to 56 clients and doubled my turnover - I couldn't have done this without BNI"
Dave Ogden - Jameson Lomax IT Support

These are some of the comments that BNI members have been making in BNI groups all over The United Kingdom and Ireland in the last 2 years!

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