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How to blast to £144,000 for our chapter in 90 minutes

Congratulations to all our members on making our Visitors' Day on 15th February a success.  We had 23 visitors from brick layer to chauffeur company, from plumbers to sign writers and from business consultant to property shop.  Our swift follow up of all visitors tells us that as at 17th February,  six of them have said they wish to apply to join our chapter.  If those applications are all successful, that will take us into the mid-20s of membership, well on way to our goal of a membership of 30 and upwards.

But think about this.  When you appreciate that a seat in a Manchester chapter is worth on average annually £24,000, six new members would add about £144,000 worth of business to the chapter over the next year.  You can safely say that those 90 minutes this week had incredible value!

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