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Create more than £150,000 in 60 minutes?

A congratulations to members for making our Visitors' Day on 19 April 2011 so successful.  Out of the 16 companies that attended, we have already had applications to join from 5 of them.  There may well be more applications from other visitors.  Our chapter is growing quickly and on target for 30 members within the next week or so.

The business passed in our chapter during the last 6 months indicates that each member's seat is on average worth £30,000 per year. So our 60 minute meeting on 19 April will, if all 5 applications for membership are accepted, bring in new members who will generate for themselves in aggregate £150,000 over the next 12 months.  And of course, the business opportunities they pass to others in our chapter and the new members they bring in will generate many tens of thousands of pounds as well.
If you know companies that could handle more business, give then a big helping hand by inviting them to one of our meetings. Call Alan Lewis on 07814 384 745.

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