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Great meeting on 23 August 2011

Here are some of the points arisig form our meeting today:

1. EDUCATION SLOT - we gave the DVD request example, which turned out to be for a 5 year old boy who like trains with a big grey face on the front and the words "Tank Engine" attached.  A good DVD for him would clearly be Thomas The Tank Engine.  But if I just asked for a DVD or your favourite DVD, then I would be most unlikely to get what I really wanted.  In the same way, please make your referrals requests specific, or you risk getting nothing at all (because it triggers the opening of no "filing cabinets" in the members' minds) or something you don't want.

A great podcast by Ivan Misner about asking for specific named referrals is here:  SPECIFIC IS TERRIFIC.

2. 60 SECOND INFOMERCIALS - we had 17 specific requests where a company was named.  Out of 39 members represented today, we can do better than that. Please be specific next week.

3. TEN MINUTES  - PETER HULME OF EASIPRINT - Peter gave a wonderful presentation.  In particular he explained what a great and varied service he has been providing to Millers Vanguard since 2003.  He also explained how Easiprint's state of the art data management system gives them key data at their fingertips to assist clients when ordering.  He showed us a new material, Teslin, that is not destroyed or weakened by being immersed in water.  Peter is looking in particular for introductions to housing associations (please refer to the card of specific requests he handed out at the meeting) and Central Lancashire University.

Just a reminder that when inviting visitors or substitutes, you should avoid inviting those people who have visited and/or been a substitute at our chapter on more than 2 occasions in the last 12 months, unless of course they are from your own business.  Members pay membership fees annually and it feels a little inequitable when non-paying third parties can promote their businesses without paying membership fees and committing to our code of ethics.

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