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How to make a dramatic difference to your chapter

Well done to our current leadership team of Ray Holding (Chapter Director), Roy Cunningham (Membership Co-ordinator) and Helene Collins (Secretary/Treasurer).  Between them over the last 6 months they have led an incredible chapter growth.  We have gone from 22 members in April this year to our present membership of 47.  What this means is many more referrals and much more business for everyone.  How did they do it?

Well when you look closely at what happened, it was very simple.  Hard work, but simple.  

Back in April they took a key decision to grow the chapter.  They gathered support amongst members to do this.  The strategy was shaped by a wonderful training session on 6 April  presented by Phil Berg at Manchester City Stadium.  Phil gave invaluable tips and scripts, swallowed eagerly by 12 of our members who attended the training. We immediately put those tools to work.

We had already lined a visitors' day up.  We had a good attendance of 40 guests.  The key was in the follow up.  With determined and persistent follow up, we signed up 8 new members.  Our Executive Director, Mark Kerr astutely pointed out that there was no reason why every week couldn't be like a visitors' day.  We laughed at first, then took him very seriously.  

Rather than send lots of letters out, we simply used the techniques taught to us by Phil Berg.  We did it relentlessly.  What happened?

We found that we were getting 12 to 15 new visitors every week for the next 6 weeks or so.  With determined follow up again, we found we were soon at  35 members.  This was with two and a half months still to go under the present leadership team.  Believe it or not, that number of 35 was the target the leadership team had set themselves at the outset for the whole of the 6 months period.  A new target of 45 was set. 

We did not need as many visitors now and the rate dropped to about 7 to 10 new visitors per meeting.  For the last month we have been getting about 4 or 5 new visitors each week. We have reached 47 members still with one week to go before the end of the current leadership term.  Membership has increased by 25 over 25 weeks, a brilliant rate of one new member per week.  What next?

The new leadership team takes up the baton from 1 October.  We are aiming for about 53 members or so by the end of November.  The task then is to help all members improve the way in which they help others find them quality referrals.  That way, more referrals are likely to turn into business for members.   This chapter is on target for ?2m of referred business over the next 12 months  Let's see if we can edge that towards ?2.5m, that's ?50,000 per member.

None of this would have happened without thought, desire, a decision, training and determined action to reach our goals.  We run our chapter like you'd run a business.  The principles for a great chapter are the same as for a great business: vision, leadership, goals and action.

Thanks again to Ray and his team. 

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