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A quick creative checklist for BNI one minute presentations


This checklist was developed from some work by Drayton Bird, well known direct marketing guru, when he suggested how to make more powerful creative copy. 

It is adapted here to help members get better results with their one minute presentations at BNI meetings (and indeed anywhere when a quick presentaton is required).

1. You must offer or imply a clear, strong benefit to a referral target.
2. Is everything instantly clear? If it's funny, clever or obscure - beware.
3. Give a sensible reason for the target to want to speak with you.
4. Is what you offer clearly described?
5. Is the tone right? Don't be funny about serious things (eg, charity, business or money).
6. Show it to someone uninvolved, preferably a likely prospect. Ask if they understand it - and if they would want to see you.
7. Do you prove your claim is true? Do you give a short story about how you benefited a customer?
8. Do you tell members/visitors precisely what referrals you are looking for and how they can easily uncover them?

9. Do you tell members/visitors precisely what you want them to do to get you a warm introduction?
You may find using this checklist a bit of bore. But a lot less boring than stuff that flops.

Because if you want to get quality referrals, you'll find that some, perhaps many of your messages miss one or more of the points above. And if you look out for them, you will improve your results - perhaps so much it will surprise you.



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