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Referrals are just one benefit of BNI

The primary motive of BNI membership is to win more business.  Referrals are the obvious and direct source of new business.  There are other benefits that lead to more business and these are not so obvious.   They simply spring out at you from stage left.  They arise because of more than good luck. 

The work you put in leads to moments of opportunity and working your network is one of the best ways of creating those moments.  Two examples from our own chapter illustrate this point well:

1.  After having a 121 meeting with a member of another BNI chapter, our health & safety expert, Kevin McLoughlin is now working with that other member, an audio visual specialist, to create a series of valuable training demonstrations so that organisers of events can undergo important training and gain accreditation in health and safety issues relating to live events.   Kevin referred to this example in the education slot at one of our February meetings to demonstarte the power of 121s.

2. After meeting seasoned BNI member Keith Malone from U-clock at one of our chapter meetings, our legal expert, Alan Lewis held a 121 with Keith, was able to make him several referrals subsequently to target businesses and Keith invited Alan to be a regular guest blogger on the U-clock website.   This provides a marvellous platform for Alan to promote his services to U-clock clients and visitors to the U-clock site.  Click here to view the blog. 

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